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Means, whenever possible we’re doing our part to help save our environment.  We’ve switched to energy saving LED lighting, purchased a brand new fleet of clean burning, high fuel mileage trucks and expanded our search for Green Product, domestically made, whenever possible!
How this benefits you directly.

  • We insist that our foam cushions are formaldehyde and Freon free.
  • Leather - Top grain cowhide; free of chromium; in compliance with P2 pollution prevention standards (for the reduction/minimization/elimination of pollutants and waste).
  • We look for:  ISO 14001 standards, EMAS certification and highest awards for environmental management in the E.U.  

These are ecology marks, encompassing three areas: 

  • Ecology, Economy and Society
    • Ecology: Focus on regional suppliers (fewer co2 emissions), environmentally friendly packaging, etc.
    • Economy: Use what you cut; use clean production methods, minimize waste, etc.
    • Society: Minimize the impact on geographical areas of production; follow fair labor standards.


  • If it’s needed, has to meet all E.U. Standards.  Being free of harmful formaldehyde emissions is the most important part.

When making a buying decision, nearby manufacturers get considerable preference.  European product gets shipped in the most responsible manner, consolidating containers, selecting factories close to each other, etc.